We got a bit of a surprise today at Heinz
. In attendance at today’s mass was none other than Teresa Heinz Kerry.
“But she’s a Heinz and it’s the Heinz Chapel. So what if she was there?”
Well, in the 5 years I’ve attended, served, or sang there, I’ve never seen her.

Anyhow, she talked to the celebrant after mass. I wondered if they’d talk about
politics, but as it turns out, the conversation revolved around the weather. She
commented on the noisy fans and how hard it was to hear the priest. She asked why
fans are used instead of AC. Well, there is no AC.

THK: “Well, I imagine its cool most of the time, though.”

PRIEST: “Actually, it can be quite unbearable and I feel particularly bad for couples
marrying here. They spend a lot of money to use this chapel and they’re horribly
uncomfortable during the mass or service.”

THK: “Oh, well then I’ll have a talk with the engineers.”

Woohoo! Speaking as someone who sweated his butt off in a cassock and surplice today,
AC would be a blessed gift.

Before anyone asks whether she received communion, I’ll tell you that I don’t know.
I wasn’t assisting at the altar today. If she did, I will brook no derogatory remarks
about the priest, who is a fine, upstanding, and orthodox member of the clergy;
a credit to the legacies of Philip Neri and John Henry Newman.

I’m glad Mrs. Kerry came today. She got a good dose of Latin, sang tasteful hymns,
and a heard a thought-provoking homily.