Bathroom Humor

There isn’t enough good bathroom graffiti these days. Either people don’t feel expressive
on the can anymore or it’s painted over too quickly to get wide readership. When
a magazine or a newspaper in the stall may as well be War and Peace, it’s
nice to have something pithy to read.

The fella over at The
Crystal Drum Page
seems to agree with me.

The Writing on the Wall

I was sitting in the men¬ís room at a Beds Baths & Beyond in downtown Manhattan this past weekend, where I found a heartening message on the wall to my right: “Everybody at 126 East 17th Street stinks.” Below that, slightly larger but clearly written by the same hand with the same red Sharpie, “Mitch Vogel forgets NOTHING.” Written on the toilet paper dispenser, possibly although not definitely by Mr. Vogel, were the words, “KILL KILL KILL KILL.”