Some Good News

Scandals abound, heterodoxy is rampant, and secularism looms menacingly, but there
is hope left in the Church. There are scores of people converting every year and
they’re not deterred by the bad press the Church often gets. Let’s pray the “immigration”
never stops.

New Catholics
not detracted by abuse crisis, say their faith is holding strong

“The Church has problems that it needs to address, but that didn’t detract me at all from joining…It was a sin committed on the part of a few priests, so we should blame the sinners but not the Church. The Church is a gift to keep us together. We need to look past this and see this as Jesus’ Church.”


“The Church isn’t the priest or the nuns, the Church is the people…It’s time to get rid of the evil and take control. It’s the people who make the Church, and there is no Church with out them.”


“Abandoning the Church is like abandoning Jesus, and He would never abandon us as much as we might sin.”


“Certainly it’s a serious issue and one that need be addressed, but you can get hung up on one issue…For me, the bigger picture is our faith and the Church itself.”