More Flip-Flops Than a Fish on Land

…or John Kerry

I’ve heard several people claim that Arlen Specter must have changed his position
on the FMA, based solely on his cloture vote. I’ve heard this from outraged homosexuals
as well jubilant conservatives. I think both have been duped.

Specter knew darn well that the motion to vote on the amendment would fail to get
the 60 necessary votes. His “Yea” for the cloture vote was an attempt
to win back conservative voters. The primary against Toomey was too close for Specter’s
comfort. By voting yes in the cloture, he appeared to want to stop liberal filibustering
and to change his stance on the FMA. Since there’s was a snowball’s chance of it
passing, he could safely lend the appearance of support. Now he can fool both liberal
and conservative supporters. To the left he says, “I wouldn’t have voted for
the amendment.” To the right he says, “See? I voted yes in the cloture!”
Specter’s name should be Janus.