When I was a kid, cults, particularly satanic ones, were the frequent subject of
after-school specials. My generation generally regarded them as we did the warnings
about LSD being given out in the guise of candy, that is as parental worrying gone

I’ve conscientiously avoided blogging about the satanic cult phenomenon in Italy
until now. I thought it was overreaction to a bunch of troublesome teenagers. Honestly,
I’m still not entirely convinced that that’s not the case. However, the story, for
whatever reason, creeped me out and sent chills up my spine.

in Italy as growth of Satanism creates “market” for consecrated hosts

ROME, Italy, Jul. 15, 2004 (CNA) – Fr. Aldo Buonaiuto, director of an “emergency
help line” that assists young people wanting to get out of satanic cults, expressed
alarm this week at the growth of Satanism, which has created a “market” for consecrated
hosts in Italy.