Cafeteria Cable

Providers Pressured for ‘a la Carte’ Programming

(AgapePress) – Pro-family groups are pressuring the Federal Communications Commission
(FCC) and members of Congress to force cable television providers to allow consumers
more choice when it comes to programming options.

My reasons are different from those mentioned in this article, but I’d still like
to see a la carte cable programming made available. Cable companies are regional
monopolies and should be subject to antitrust suits.

Competition would mean better service and options for customers. I’m tired of being
told which channel packages I can choose from, instead of which channels. I don’t
watch most of the channels in my basic package and there are several in larger packages
I want. Unfortunately, the larger packages cost a lot more and contain even more
“fat”. Give me “lean” cable! Let me choose which channels I
do and do not want!