Deafening Silence

You know of Christopher Reeve's determination to walk again, right? Well, you'd think that if some paraplegics began walking again, Mr. Reeve and his supporters would be pretty excited–Mr. Reeve is a quadriplegic, and therefore has a more severe injury, but this is still an immense leap!

This is not the case, because those two young women began to walk thanks to their own adult stem cells. And since politics does trump science (and ethics…), I have yet to see this article in the NY Times, Washington Post, Wired, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, or anywhere else but and

Had this been done with embryonic stem cells, which is the horse that Mr. Reeve bet on, I imagine there'd be quite a bit more hype.

If adult stem cells provided a cure to quadriplegia, and if Mr. Reeve accepts that treatment, will we learn of it? Will the media continue to spin it so that we really should keep pushing for embryonic research against all ethics and evidence? It won't fail to be interesting, I'm sure. Stay tuned!