Catholic Radio in Pittsburgh

My buddy Russ wanted people to know about this.

I’ve talked to some of you about this and know others are regular listeners to Catholic
Answers, the radio show on from 6-7pm on WPIT 730 and WZUM 1590. Just want to give
a heads up that Catholic Answers, after next month, may no longer be able to continue
its broadcasting on WPIT. WPIT is the stronger of the two signals, extending far
beyond Pittsburgh and not as subject to weather conditions as is WZUM. It is also
on a Protestant station, which is why I think it is a great asset to Pittsburgh.
Many non-Catholics come across the program and have the opportunity to learn about
the Faith. My family in Maryland and other friends around the country don’t have
the good fortune of having any Catholic broadcasts on the radio.

Unfortunately, Catholic Answers has to pay for that time slot and will not be able
to support it without more help from Pittsburgh listeners. I know what a wonderful
help the program has been to me in understanding the apologetic arguments for the
Faith and for the uplifting support that it gives to those of us wanting to really
live it fully. The good news is they only need 100 people or so to become Radio
Club members, which involves a monthly donation, to continue broadcasting. If you
happen to be in a situation where you can make a sacrificial offering or know folks
that are, please check out the Radio Club at
(Please mention WPIT as your station). And please pray for that ministry, it’s kicked
off a lot of new Catholic stations and programs around the country. It’d be great
to someday have a Catholic station for every Protestant station on the dial. Also,
if you haven’t seen the Forums at they are pretty interesting,
lots of good discussions going on.