Part of the Problem

If you can't be part of the solution, at least stop being part of the problem. This article would be a good illumination of the Red-Blue cultural war we're waging, if not for its contribution to the problem at its end.

What has made that moral revolution important has been that it is now playing out politically. These morally and sexually liberated folk "are willing to vote based on this cluster of issues — and when they do, they vote Democratic," he said.

This should sound an alarm for those Christians who feel shy about voting according to their religious and moral convictions: The other side feels no such hesitation.

Such participation in the political process may determine how many more states turn Blue in this next presidential election — and in the elections to come.

I shouldn't have to vote Republican just to vote "morally". Worse yet, I don't think the Republican platform, for all the RNC's holier-than-thou posturing, is entirely morally sound.

Uncivil War — The Cultural Cleaving of America
Feature by Ed Vitagliano
June 21, 2004

(AgapePress) – It was "the map." Everyone seemed to be talking about it on election night almost four years ago, and for weeks afterwards. Talking heads and political pundits analyzed the vote returns and clearly saw that the election seemed to have split the nation into two camps.