Swallowing Camels

aren’t we wonderful? parish

From Richard John Neuhaus’ May “Public Square”

It is no little thing when one Sunday’s church bulletin can reflect the innumerable
wonders of renewal. A friend picked up the other day the bulletin of St. Francis
Xavier Church, which is around the corner on West 16th Street. It includes the parish
mission statement: “We, the Church of St. Francis Xavier, are a prophetic Roman
Catholic community. . . .” Not any old Roman Catholic Church, mind you, but a community,
and a prophetic one at that.

I doubt parishes like this actually bother to strain gnats, but they’re apparently
swallowing camels like crazy. Inclusiveness isn’t an object good. If it were, the
Church would be inclusive of pagans, secular humanists, feminists, third-rate liturgical
composers, and other un-Catholic types. Oh, wait…