Calling all Fiskers

This is a long, intelligent, well-written, logical, and rather wrong piece about the Communion controversy written by an atheist. If it were just just laughable pretzel logic, I probably wouldn’t have given it a second thought. Since is so skillfully written, it ought to be refuted with at least as much skill. Even if I had the time, I wouldn’t present myself as equal to the task. So I’m putting a call out for one or more persons to step up to the soap box. This article screaming for a good fisking.

The Communion Question
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Posted by John Holbo

I’ll assume you are an educated person who’s already read Josh Marshall’s post about – what to call it? Bush’s Al-Sadrist gambit: locked in a death-struggle with the forces of democratic reconstruction in your country? See if you can get zealous souls to lay down suppressing fire from the holy places. If you succeed, fine. If the holy places end up getting shelled when the targets lose patience, you cry religious persecution (even if it was pure self-defense) and make hay out of that. It’s win-win.