Talk Soup

Since I’ve been listening to quite a bit of Marty
lately, I decided to search Google for at-large opinions about him. He
doesn’t seem to make much of a splash in the blogosphere (not surprising, since
his broadcast is local to Pittsburgh), but I did find the following.

the Talk, Driving the Drive

Why I unprogrammed WORD-FM from my car radio

There are two kinds of people one should never argue with. The first is drunks. There’s no point in arguing with a drunk. As a paramedic, I found that it was often better to confuse them into doing what I wanted, or jujst call the cops to cuff the intox so that the intox had to do as instructed. The second kind of people one should never argue with are talk-show hosts. They have the control: the off switch.

I have to agree with this blogger that “Unfortunately, it would seem that Mr.
Minto has trapped in the materialist culture.” However, I disagree that teachings
against homosexuality are “based on some New Testament verses that actually
refer to pedophiles, not homosexuals.”

The post is a mix of points I agree and disagree with, but it’s interesting to me
as another viewpoint on Pittsburgh’s loudest Christian.