This article interested me because my wedding will be on the Feast of Saint Margaret Mary Alacoque. It should be of general interest because more people, particularly those with families, should have a devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus. I must confess that I haven’t cultivated one myself, but I fully intend to.

Three Streams, One Love

The Story of St. Margaret Mary Alacoque
Ann Bottenhorn

Sometimes, the voice of a saint echoes clearly to us down through the centuries.

As a young adult, I found myself struggling, in the ordinary way of young people, with feeling alienated from God. In a fit of teenage rebellion, I had told God to get out of my life and leave me alone. Now, entangled in patterns of sin that I was powerless to unravel, I needed God’s help but didn’t know how to get it. I didn’t even know if it was possible.