Scary and Scummy

I got an email from a site called “Share Your Experiences” saying, “Someone
who knows you is attempting to share experiences opinions and experiences about
you via our website.” At first I was extremely freaked out. I checked the site
and found multiple requests and offers of information about me, professional and
social, for a couple of my email addresses. The idea of people exchanging information
about me anonymously was rather disturbing, mostly because anonymity breeds untruths.

Once I calmed down and was able to reason clearly again, I searched for info about
the site. It seems others have had dealings with these nuts and they seem to just
be scam artists. *whew*

I offer these links as a public service.

Spam from
Nobody is sharing experiences about you

Forum –

Legends (Snopes): Word of Mouth

– SCAM and SPAM?