Scrollin', Scrollin', Scrollin'

Marty Minto‘s really
been plugging this exhibit. It seemed interesting, but I hesitated to blog it due
to some implicit Evangelical Protestant bias. However, Pittsburgh Catholic seems
to think it’s a good thing, so I’ll give it the benefit of the doubt.

Dead Sea
Scrolls ‘fragments’ on exhibit

Tour includes other ancient biblical texts drawn from private collections

A remarkable array of ancient and antique biblical texts, including four fragments
of the Dead Sea Scrolls, will be on exhibit at the Monroeville ExpoMart from Friday
through June 20.

of Dead Sea Scrolls on view at ExpoMart

Documents written 5,000 years ago sit a mere arms-length away. Peruse a copy of
temple-era biblical scrolls or skim through a page of the Guttenburg Bible.

Sea Scrolls exhibit emphasizes Bible history

Early colonial printers in Philadelphia played a key role in Bible history in this
country when they produced the first Bible in English in America in 1782, followed
eight years later by the first Catholic Bible. The city?s printers also produced
the first Hebrew Bible.

On a related note:

museum boasts rare finds

Buried in the basement of Pittsburgh Theological Seminary in Highland Park is a
small archaeological treasure: The James L. Kelso Bible Lands Museum.