Prayer Request

A friend’s son, 17 months old, may have Guillain-Barr?
Please pray for him, even if you don’t normally pray. My friend said
it better:

“If you…have doubted recently about God, please pray anyway. Doubt isn’t
a luxury for [us] now, and having you join us would be really nice. I know a heartfelt
prayer is lurking in you. I see the good in you so much. Jesus died, kicked the
devil in the face, and rose for us. Trust me. If [you]don’t believe in Christ at
all, please also join [us] in prayer. The good in you and in your lives is proof
that there’s a loving Father whose Son gave it all for us. What’s more, [we] know
God will hear your prayers.”

“If I seem preachy, forgive me. Love is love, and I’m doing my best to use this bad
thing that the devil’s salivating over to bring love and peace to [our son] and
all of us, — and glory and honor to God. All of that should remind the devil of
the Kosher sandal-print he’ll always be smarting from, and hopefully remind us that
God loves us and wants our prayers.”