"There are three kinds of lies: lies, damned lies and statistics." – Mark Twain (borrowing from some other fellow)

While I tend to take polls with a grain of salt – they tend to largely say what the originators wished to say – I do not believe they are devoid of meaning or real representation of the vox populi. I've already noticed a definite liberal tilt in the media, right wings nuts on Fox News Network excepted. However, I didn't realize just how rabidly liberal they were until reading this. Yikes!

Research Reveals U.S. Media Leans Left, Blind to Own Bias
Pew Research Casts Doubt on Media Objectivity Myth
By Fred Jackson and Jenni Parker
May 26, 2004

"(AgapePress) – A new poll of the nation's journalists is providing more alarming evidence that the vast majority of them hold extreme liberal bias and are far less conservative than the general public."

Values and the Press

"Journalists at national and local news organizations are notably different from the general public in their ideology and attitudes toward political and social issues. Most national and local journalists, as well as a plurality of Americans (41%), describe themselves as political moderates. But news people – especially national journalists – are more liberal, and far less conservative, than the general public."