Crazy Times

It’s good to see that the New York Times is holding itself corporately responsible
for negligent reporting. It bothers me, though, that they focused so narrowly on
mistakes in favor of the Bush administration. It’d be nice to see admission of mistakes
in favor of liberal groups.

Times and Iraq

Published: May 26, 2004

“Over the last year this newspaper has shone the bright light of hindsight on decisions
that led the United States into Iraq. We have examined the failings of American
and allied intelligence, especially on the issue of Iraq’s weapons and possible
Iraqi connections to international terrorists. We have studied the allegations of
official gullibility and hype. It is past time we turned the same light on ourselves.”

Reveals U.S. Media Leans Left, Blind to Own Bias

Pew Research Casts Doubt on Media Objectivity Myth
By Fred Jackson and Jenni Parker
May 26, 2004

“(AgapePress) – A new poll of the nation’s journalists is providing more alarming
evidence that the vast majority of them hold extreme liberal bias and are far less
conservative than the general public.”