And the Beat Goes On

Another day, another spin of Earth, and another statement regarding withholding Communion. More and more foreign bishops are commenting on the political mess here.

Kerry Shouldn't Take Communion, Says Canadian Bishop
Cites "Defiant Dissent"; 2 Arizona Prelates Won't Hold Back the Eucharist

"CALGARY, Alberta, MAY 21, 2004 ( U.S. presidential hopeful John Kerry should voluntarily abstain from, or be denied, Communion 'by reason of his defiant dissent from fundamental Catholic teaching,' says a Canadian bishop."

Protecting the sanctity of the Eucharist is not just a political issue. On the other hand, I'd like to see a less lop-sided defense of Catholic teachings. If only I had a dollar for every time a liberal has said, "What about other unCatholic positions (i.e. aside from abortion) held by politicians?"

Cardinal Expects Many U.S. Prelates Wouldn't Restrict Holy Communion
In Interview With Italian Magazine

"ROME, MAY 21, 2004 ( Cardinal Theodore McCarrick speculates that many U.S. bishops would not like to see the Eucharist used as a sanction against pro-abortion politicians."