Shaping the Next Generation

…of degenerates

This just disgusts me. First of all, this isn’t age-appropriate material. Secondly,
it is offensive material.

Careful, Little Eyes …

Children’s Books Aren’t Always Sweet and Cuddly; Parents Should Pay Close Attention
in Libraries, Bookstores
Feature by Jason Collum
May 19, 2004

“(AgapePress) – Olivia Hartsell loves having her parents read to her. The Wilmington,
North Carolina, first-grader has begun taking advantage of the school library, bringing
home books she chooses.”

“One book Olivia chose in March, though, set off a firestorm of debate when her parents,
Michael and Tonya Hartsell, demanded the book be taken off the shelves at Freeman
Elementary School library. The book: King & King, a tale of how a prince searches
through a troupe of eligible potential princesses before he finds his true love
— another prince, whom he ultimately ‘marries.'”