Examination of Conscience

This should be expanded to include other issues that affecting Catholic consciences,
such as fair justice, feeding hungry, caring for the sick, clothing the naked, etc.
Unless the Church gets tough on all the issues, we’ll look like an organization
of hypocrites.

I have a weird deja vu feeling right now, as if I blogged about this kind of thing
a looooong time ago. I tried looking back in the archives, but I couldn’t find a
match. *shrug*

Catholic Voters Shouldn’t Receive Communion, Say 2 Bishops

Prelates in Colorado and Oregon Extend Warnings Beyond Politicians

“COLORADO SPRINGS, Colorado, MAY 14, 2004 (Zenit.org).- Bishop Michael Sheridan says
that Catholics should not receive Communion if they vote for politicians who defy
Church teaching by supporting abortion, same-sex marriage, euthanasia or stem-cell