Shape Up or Ship Out

It’s sad that Senator Kenny has turned his back on the Church, but at least he’ll
no longer be scandalizing it. I wonder if Governor McGreevey will continue to seek
communion in private. Either way, he has taken the honorable step of ceasing his
public dispute with the Church.

Press Commentary & News Briefs

Monday, May 10, 2004
Compiled by Jody Brown

” ..New Jersey’s State Senate majority leader has decided to leave the Roman Catholic
church after 57 years rather than vote in accordance with Catholic doctrine. Democratic
Senator Bernard Kenny, who supports permissive abortion laws and research on human
embryos, says he was given a last warning by church officials to repent or stop
seeking communion. Kenny says he told his pastor Saturday that he is quitting the
church. Last week, New Jersey Governor James McGreevey took the rare step of saying
that he will not receive communion at public services. McGreevey’s announcement
came after Newark Archbishop John Myers declared that supporters of legal abortion
should not receive communion, and the Camden bishop said he would refuse communion
to the Democratic governor. [AP]”