Lip Service

In what seems to be an open attempt to appease and woo Catholic voters, Bush will
be meeting with the Pope in June. I hope he isn’t looking for just a pat on the
back and a smile.

to Ask Bush for Radical Shift in Policy, Says Cardinal Laghi

Changes Sought in Approach to Iraq and Holy Land

“VATICAN CITY, MAY 13, 2004 ( John Paul II will ask U.S. President George
Bush to stop basing his policies in Iraq and the Holy Land on recourse to force,
when they meet June 4, a cardinal says.”

courts Catholics in swing states

Mon May 10, 9:40 AM ET
By John McCormick Tribune staff reporter

“There are no fewer than 11 Roman Catholic churches in this picturesque Mississippi
River town of about 60,000 people, a place some locals call ‘little Rome’
in reference to its religious leanings and hilltop construction.”