To Amend or Not to Amend?

I heard a caller on the Marty Minto Show today say something on the line of, “If we leave homosexual marriage to the states, the liberal state governments will screw it up.”This, to me, seems to miss the whole point of the question. It would be an abuse of the U.S. Constitution and contrary to the desires of the framers to amend marriage specifications into law. Homosexuality is mainly a Judeo-Christian sin. Everyone in this country is free to hold whatever religious beliefs they wish, if they wish. If a state wishes to defend Judeo-Christian beliefs, that is an appropriate recognitionof the balance between federal and state powers. The residents of such a state can try to fight such a law and/or leave the state if they disagreed.

Just because the state governments might screw things up, doesn’t mean the Constitution should be altered willy-nilly. It could set a bad precedent for federal invasion of privacy and curtailing of freedoms. The very people who support such an amendment could one day find themselves and their beliefs suppressed by its progeny.