Hat Trick

Here are three nice articles from the Archdiocese of Denver.

Thanks for all the help, you religious folks – now pipe down
Why faith is, and belongs, at the center of the public square

"Every election year the Church lives through the same strange drama: Catholics speak their faith, and the world tells them to pipe down."

Pope credits St. Louis de Montfort with clarifying Marian devotion
Cindy Wooden

"VATICAN CITY (CNS) – Pope John Paul II said that at one point in his life he had worried that strong devotion to the Blessed Virgin could weaken devotion to Jesus Christ."

Honoring motherhood

"Behold, your mother!" – John 19:27

"These were some of the last words spoken by Jesus from the cross. In Mary, the salvation of the world saw its dawning in her fiat with which she readily agreed to the will of God. The Son of God took human form in her. Mary mothered Jesus. Her heart beat in unison with his heart."