Not Buster


At least I can agree with John Poindexter on the last point.

“…four or eight years from now we’ll elect someone who grew up on the Internet
and is more willing to sit at a keyboard and do things on his own.

> Al Gore!

God, I hope not.”


The Caltech physics wonk infamous for Iran-Contra, Total Information Awareness,
and terrorism futures talks about life as a not-so-private citizen.
By Spencer Reiss

“John Poindexter’s career has played out in the headlines: Iran-Contra conspirator,
the Pentagon’s Big Brother in chief, godfather of a futures market to predict terrorism.
But there’s an alternate reality: The 67-year-old retired admiral is the only serious
technologist ever to reach the highest circles of power in Washington. He’s a Caltech
PhD who two decades ago dragged the White House into the digital age, plugging in
everything from fiber-optic video to email. He uses Groove Networks’ Workspace to
keep in touch with friends and rhapsodizes about encryption like a cypherpunk. In
the first interview since Congress forced him to step down last summer as head of
Darpa’s Information Awareness Office, Poindexter speaks out about privacy, sim terrorists,
and Iraqi WMD.”