Just How Liberal Are Those Arts?

As a frequenter of the Ryan
Catholic Newman Center
, I’m always happy to pass along information about his
ministry and its continuation. This, however, would warrant posting anyhow. The
sad fact is that some of the abuses reported can be found in Newman Clubs at such
schools as Colorado School of Mines (a non-Catholic school and thus left out of
the study). [It has been brought to my attention that the specific ills mentioned
on the site are not found in the Mines Newman Club. However, my source assured me
that there’s plenty of cafeteria Catholicism to worry a loyal Newmanite.]

group exposes Catholic campus scandals

“Washington, Apr. 30 (CWNews.com) – An independent Catholic group has released a
report of scandals at Catholic colleges in the US, noting that the detailed information
‘is certain to reignite concerns about the colleges’ religious character.'”