Bold Voice

Punished for Speaking Against Homosexuality Wants Apology

By Jim Brown
April 29, 2004

“(AgapePress) – A Christian student is asking his Boone, North Carolina, high
school to apologize for censoring his opposition to a pro-homosexual event on campus.”

Unfortunately for this lad, court precedent says that a public school has the right
to enforce dress codes. His shirt could be construed as being in violation of his
school’s dress code. Besides, the message was a bit harsh. We’re not likely to win
back too many homosexuals to right living by telling them they’re going to hell.
Yes, homosexuality is a sin, but we’re all guilty of sins and some are pretty nasty.
And unless we’re saints, we’re not confessing them all (privately or publicly).
I like the kid’s idea though. Someone should stand up for Christian sexual ethics.
If gays can “speak” their minds during the Day of Silence, we should be
free to “speak” ours, through t-shirts or other means. The trick is to
do so compassionately.