Digital Chads

Just what we need – another controversy like Florida in 2000. The technology for
voting definitely needs to be replaced. The antiquated device I used on Tuesday
looked like a relic of the Truman administration. The new stuff worries me though
because it may not be an improvement in reliability.

E-Voting Safe?

Millions will cast their ballots this year using voting machines based on PC technologies.
We answer the most pressing questions about ballot box security.
Paul Boutin
From the June 2004 issue of PC World magazine
Posted Wednesday, April 28, 2004

“With the presidential election less than six months away, election officials
are scrambling to purge polling places of the hanging chads, butterfly ballots,
and other paper-related problems that plagued the 2000 contest. New touch-screen
machines have already been deployed in 27 states.”