Faith in Law

Guide for Serious Catholics

Copyright ? 2004, Catholic Answers.


This voter’s guide helps you cast your vote in an informed manner consistent with
Catholic moral teaching. It helps you eliminate from consideration candidates who
endorse policies that cannot be reconciled with moral norms that used to be held
by all Christians.

On most issues that come before voters or legislators, a Catholic can take one side
or the other and not act contrary to his faith. Most matters do not have a “Catholic

But some issues are so key, so elemental, that only one position accords with the
teaching of the Christian gospel. No one endorsing the wrong side of these subjects
can be said to act in accord with the Church’s moral norms.

This voter’s guide identifies five “non-negotiable” issues and helps you
narrow down the list of acceptable candidates, whether they are running for national,
state, or local offices.

Candidates who endorse or promote any of the five non-negotiables should be considered
to have disqualified themselves from holding public office, and you should not vote
for them. You should make your choice from among the remaining candidates.”

Pope John’ and the path to peace

“Want to change the world? Begin with ourselves and our public institutions”

Pennsylvania Catholic Conference

“As members of a democratic society, we have a responsibility to see that our government
respects and promotes the dignity and rights of all . . . As conscientious citizens,
we must bring our love for country and concern for the welfare of others to government
and to the polling place.”

– The bishops of Pennsylvania in Personal Participation: The Key to a Just Society