Religion and Politics

Holy, Holy Fisking

“On Tuesday, New York Times reporter Katherine Q. Seelye reported that Senator John Kerry ‘became combative when told that some conservatives were criticizing him for being a Roman Catholic who supported policies, like abortion rights and same-sex unions, that are at odds with Catholic teaching.'”

Priest tells politicians JFK was a bad example

“A US priest addressing the House Floor on Tuesday told legislators that too many politicians have followed the example of the nation’s first Catholic president by pledging to separate their faith from politics.”

Democrats preparing Catholic scorecard

“Washington, DC, Apr. 16 ( – Catholic Democrats in Congress are preparing to respond to criticism that they don’t put their faith into action in their politics by creating a ‘Catholic Voting Scorecard,’ according to political newspaper The Hill. Nearly 27 percent of the members of the House of Representatives are Catholic.”

Criticism Continues Over NAACP’s Decision to Endorse Abortion

“Washington, DC ( — The NAACP’s low-key decision in February to officially endorse a position in favor of abortion continues to draw criticism from African American and pro-life groups.”