This guy isn’t just a schismatic or wayward. He’s heretical.

"The Sacrament of the Eucharist (Holy Communion) will be offered to all who attend the Liturgy"

All? That is absolutely forbidden by the Church. Valid confirmation and no stain of mortal sin are required.

"Father Bill Hausen is a validly ordained Priest. He has not and will not resign his Priesthood. As taught in Catholic Theology, ‘Once a Priest, always a Priest.’"

Not for long he isn’t. He was validly ordained, but he can just as easily be validly defrocked.

The main issue here is not his opinions on ordination. That only got him moved ("Keep your friends close and your enemies closer.") The problem is his rejection of Church Tradition and authority.

Breakaway ‘Catholic’ Church Stirs Controversy

"A priest who holds views that some in the Roman Catholic faith call radical is being criticized as he starts a new church, Channel 4 Action News anchor Scott Baker reported."