Mentioned By Fahim!

Fahim Farook, the guy who wrote Blog,
the blogging app I use, mentioned a bug I pointed out in his Jan 27 Developer’s
Corner entry. 🙂

The Developer’s

“…Incidentally, while writing this entry, I realized another problem with
Blog – somebody mentioned that copying and pasting from websites was broken. Now
I see what happens :p The HTMLEdit component takes the pasted entry as HTML and
tries to deal with it, HTML tags and all! So it puts in a comment tag at the beginning
to say that this is a fragmented entry and that ends up in making the whole pasted
bit effectively invisible in the WYSIWYG view. You can still go to the HTML view
and take out the comment tag to make the pasted text appear but I think I might
have to add a ‘Paste as text …’ option or make pasting as text the default