Have a Jelly Baby :)

Woohoo! Doctor Who
is coming back to TV!

Actually, I already knew that, but I never blogged it, so this is the “official”
celebration. This was one of my favorite shows growing up. In fact, it’s a family
favorite. My parents have watched it since they were newlyweds.

I found poll results for fans’
favorite stories
and picked up the DVD for the top choice, “The
Talons of Weng-Chiang”
. When I have more money, I’ll pick up number two,
Caves of Androzani”
, and so on. 🙂

Star Favorite to Play Dr Who

“LONDON (Reuters) – Buffy star Anthony Head was voted in a poll of Radio Times
readers on Monday as their favorite to play the next Dr Who. Head, who plays Giles in the cult US television series ‘Buffy The Vampire Slayer’ beat Alan Rickman into second place.”

” ‘I suppose I would be a logical choice to play the Doctor just because Giles,
my character in Buffy, has the same light and dark sides and quirkiness as Doctor
Who,’ Head told the listings magazine. Comedians Stephen Fry and Alan Davies were third and fourth and actor Ian Richardson was fifth. The BBC have not announced who will play the sci-fi legend but British media say
Richard E. Grant, Bill Nighy and Eddie Izzard are being considered.”

“The cult series aired from 1963-1989. It will return to television screens in 2005.”