Sanctioned Sin

I hope and pray that orthodoxy will prevail in the Anglican Church.

Episcopalian Group Repudiates Gay Stance

“DALLAS – After an enthusiastic rally that concluded with a strong protest declaration demanding church leaders repent for their growing acceptance of gay relationships, conservative Episcopalians are waiting anxiously for an emergency summit meeting in London. “

Nigerians Protest Gay Priests, Bishops

“LAGOS, Nigeria – Nigeria’s Anglican Church held a day of fasting and prayers Monday to protest the confirmation of homosexual priests and bishops in the United States and Britain. “

Maybe this will lead to a new Oxford Movement. Cardinal Newman, pray for us.

Vatican eggs on Anglican split in US
Cardinal praises conference planning break over gay bishop
By Stephen Bates

“The Vatican has publicly endorsed US Episcopalian hardliners gathered in Dallas to plan the breakup of their liberal national church. In a surprise letter from Rome on behalf of Pope John Paul II, Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger, the Catholic enforcer of doctrinal purity, wrote to the organisers praising their stand. Support has also come from one of Britain’s most respected evangelicals.”

I hope and pray that orthodoxy will prevail in the Catholic Church. We are supposed to be in the world, but not of it. Just because secular society approves of homosexuality, doesn’t mean the Church should. Doctrine isn’t about what makes us feel good or what’s easiest. It’s about following when the Holy Spirit leads and obeying God’s commandments as set forth in scripture.

Gay Catholics struggle to maintain faith in church
By Yvonne Abraham

“Grace Kelemanik, Catholic and lesbian, has worshiped with her partner at a suburban Boston parish for more than seven years. Their baby daughter was baptized there. Kelemanik has served on church committees, taught religious education classes to parish children.”