Needle Nose

This is nothing to sneeze at. At least don’t turn your nose up at it. I think you get the point 😉

Finding a cure for the common needle
Inhaled vaccines are slowly turning syringes into antiques
By Brad Evenson

“All his life, James Lehmans has hated needles. The Toronto engraver howled during his baby immunizations. His father had to hold him down for his smallpox jab in 1970. Once, when his employer sent him to Mozambique on business, Lehmans,47, took a handful of tranquilizers to get through his yellow fever immunization. ‘My dentist uses hypnosis,’ he says. ‘If he didn’t, all my teeth would be gone now.’ So when Lehmans heard he could get flu vaccine by a squirt up the nose instead of a needle, he raced to a clinic in Detroit to get it.”