Shake It, Grandma!

I hope I’m this much fun when I’m 80.

Disco Rocked by 80-Year-Old Party Girl

“BERLIN (Reuters) – Staff at a popular teenage disco were stunned to find an 80-year-old having a celebratory drink and strutting her stuff on the dance floor among thousands of young people, German police say.”

“‘The disco told police there was an old lady drinking cola and schnapps at the bar who seemed a bit confused,’ said a spokesman in the western town of Oberhausen. ‘She was apparently shaking her hips and rocking out a bit on the dance floor too.'”

“Officers visited the 7,000 capacity disco in the early hours and made sure she was okay.”

“‘She was dressed up smart, celebrating her birthday by herself and everyone thought she was very friendly,’ the spokesman said Wednesday. ‘There’s no upper age limit there. You don’t have to show identification when you’re 80.'”