Flush Spam!

Spam is evil. I’d like to see spammers burned at the stake.

Cleaning a Toilet Is Better Than Spam

"Frustrated by clogged inboxes, e-mail users think spam purveyors ought to face some sort of punishment, according to a survey of nearly 28,000 people. The irritation has reached such a level that more than three out of four people said it was less aggravating to clean a toilet than to wade through the junk messages in their e-mail. Of those, nearly a third said spammers should face stiff fines while one in five said people in the spam trade ought to be deluged with junk mail at their own homes. About one in six said spammers’ business licenses ought to be revoked, while one in twelve felt a jail term was appropriate. On the other hand, a quarter of respondents said spam was merely a job, and spammers ought not be penalized. The online survey was conducted last month by Yahoo! Mail, the free e-mail service associated with Yahoo! Inc"