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Trousers blamed for shipwreck

"A cargo ship ran aground after its chief officer caught his trousers on a lever, fell down and was knocked unconscious, according to a Marine Accident Investigation Branch report. The officer of the watch did not regain consciousness until the 1,840-ton Mulheim was nearing the shore on the Cornish coast. Because of the fall the officer – who was on watch alone at the time – could not alter course until it was too late, the report states. The ship’s safety watch alarm was switched off and the rest of its crew was asleep. The vessel’s six-strong Polish crew were airlifted to safety after it became skewered on rocks near Sennen, west Cornwall, in March this year."

Skirting around Sweden’s heat

"A combination of summer heat and a rigid dress code has led a Swedish bus driver to wear a skirt to work. Mats Lundgren, from the northern Swedish town of Umea, got fed up of sitting in the drivers’ seat for hours at a time in dark uniform trousers. He asked his boss whether he could wear shorts for comfort as temperatures hit 25C (77F). But when his boss said ‘no’, Mr Lundgren decided to find an alternative. And he began showing up to work in a skirt."