Soda Fountain

I went to this place for the first time on Saturday. It’s an old apothecary/soda shop. The interior is authentic 20’s art deco. The family atmosphere is great and so is the ice cream. You owe it to yourself to check it out. 🙂

A Scoop of History

Klavon’s Pharmacy opened in 1920 and was a social fixture in the Strip District for 59 years. The pharmacist dispensed advice and kibitzing along with tonics, salves and prescriptions. The pharmacist’s wife presided over the penny candy counter, the greeting cards and the soda fountain, not to mention the many romances that blossomed there.

Each summer James and Mary Klavon’s eight young grandchildren came for vacations and were serious but gleeful helpers in the store. This American tableau continued until 1979 when the pharmacist passed away. The family closed the doors and sadly ended a chapter of an era.

For 20 years, the doors and windows of the old building at the corner of Penn Avenue and 28th Street were boarded up. Last year, the Klavons’ oldest grandson, Ray Klavon, set into motion a lifelong dream. He blew away the dust, moved out the pharmacy counter, cleared the shelves and added the bare necessities for accommodating the ’90s. When he reopened the doors to the newly named Klavon’s Ice Cream Parlor in January of this year, he unsealed a time capsule.