Nanu Nanu

Ah…marketing BS.

Little robots in your pants
Making sense of revolutionary nanotechnology claim
By Jenny Everett

“(POPULAR SCIENCE) — Dockers recently came out with a new brand of pants, the Go Khakis, which promise to keep your legs stain-free using revolutionary nanotechnology. We couldn’t help thinking that Dockers might be using the word ‘nanotechnology’ more for marketing muscle than for true scientific purposes, so we called its customer service line to ask a few pointed questions. Here’s a slice of the conversation. “

Overused, Misused Nano Becoming Pervasive Prefix
By Bill Berkrot

“NEW YORK (Reuters) – Even though nanotechnology is still in its infancy, the nano prefix is quickly growing into one of the most over-used and misused phrases in the English language.”