The Bus Stops Here (or At Least It Used To)

Ed Rendell seemingly did a terrific job as mayor of Philadelphia. Aside from his pro-choice stance on abortion, I thought he could do a good job as governor of Pennsylvania. Perhaps I was wrong. He’s really screwing the pooch on this public transportation cutback. He’s being very “un-Democrat”.

  • Assume: Ed Rendell is a Democrat.
  • Premise 1: Democrats tend to be environmentalists.
  • Premise 2: Mass transportation is better for the environment than lots of car.
  • Premise 3: Democrats tend to support the underdog and the working man.
  • Premise 4: Public transportation is the only means of travel for many “underdogs”.
  • Conclusion 1: Democrats tend to support public transportation.
  • Fact: Ed Rendell’s proposed budget calls for major cutbacks in public transportation funding.
  • Conclusion 2: Conclusion 1 and the given fact contradict the assumption. Thus, Ed Rendell is not the Democrat he claims to be. I’ve heard people say he’s a “New Democrat”. Perhaps he is. Then again, from what I’ve seen, New Democrats are just socially liberal Republicans.

Steamed transit riders blame state for crisis
Some even suggest letting authority go belly up
By Joe Grata

“Keep Port Authority bus and trolley fares and service at their present levels and run the system until it goes belly up. And then let Gov. Ed Rendell and the General Assembly worry about the funding crisis at the nation’s 15th-largest public transit system.”

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