Keep It In Your Pants

Are there any people with self-control and restraint left?

College ‘Sexfest’ Irks State Lawmaker

Mr. Marshall recently asked to meet with James Madison University President Linwood Rose, whose students last month held a so-called “SexFest” that included a demonstration of how to put on a condom. Mr. Marshall also filed a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request with officials at the University of Virginia to determine the school’s policy on emergency contraception (EC).

Study Ties ‘Morning-After’ Pill Use to Supply Ease [I can’t find the actual news link anywhere. – Funky]

"NEW ORLEANS (Reuters) – Women who have "morning-after" pills on hand are significantly more likely to use the emergency contraception than women who have to go to the drugstore to fill a prescription, researchers said on Monday."