If I Wanted Email From You, I'd Ask For It!

I wish Pennsylvania would follow Virginia’s lead on this.

Virginia threatens spammers with jail time

“RICHMOND, Virginia (AP) — Internet mavens who clog computers with massive volumes of unsolicited e-mail pitches now risk landing in prison and losing their riches under a tough Virginia law signed Tuesday. “

Spam E-Mail Problem Worse Than Imagined

“WASHINGTON – The volume of junk e-mail has reached a critical threshold that requires swift action to protect the Internet correspondence millions of people take for granted, regulators said Friday at the end of a three-day forum on ‘spam.'”

Finding Solution to Secret World of Spam

“WASHINGTON, May 2 – There probably isn’t a ‘Wendy’ behind the e-mail offering a way to ‘lose 30 pounds in 30 days.’ And it seems unlikely that the real vendor of the ‘Iraqi most-wanted playing cards’ is really named ‘Doc Holiday.'”

Marketers unite to cook spam’s goose
By Stefanie Olsen

“A group of digital marketers is pushing a new antispam system aimed at saving the lucrative e-mail advertising industry.”