Give Me Beef Or Give Me Death

I really, really, really hate PETA. They bring new meaning to “asinine”.

PETA Urges Hamburg, N.Y., to Change Name

“HAMBURG, N.Y. – A national animal rights group has offered Hamburg officials $15,000 to change the town’s name to Veggieburg.”

PETA urges towns to change name

“HAMBURG, Pennsylvania (AP) — An animal rights group says it will donate $15,000 worth of vegetarian patties to area schools if officials change the borough’s name to Veggieburg. “

Hamburg invited to become ‘Veggieburg’
By Dave Graham

“HAMBURG (Reuters) – The German port of Hamburg has been offered $10,500 to change its name to ‘Veggieburg’ by animal rights activists who are unhappy about the city’s association with hamburgers.”