Iraq Makes Weblines

Internet brings together Americans against war
By Duncan Campbell

This Saturday hundreds of thousands of Americans will be protesting in the streets against the possibility of war in Iraq and bombarding politicians with their views. One of the key organisations coordinating the protests is the brainchild of two Silicon Valley entrepreneurs who saw the internet as a way of channeling political protest.

MoveOn was started in 1998 by Joan Blades and Wes Boyd, two software entrepreneurs who, along with friends and family, felt that what they saw as the “continuing obsession” with the Clinton/Lewinsky scandal was damaging the political process, and that it was time to “move on” and away from impeachment. They started the website and used it as a way of reaching people with similar views who would coordinate protests and send their views to politicians and the media. During the impeachment row, they generated more than 250,000 phone calls and 1m emails to Congress.

Cross-Blog Iraq Debate: The Questions

“OK folks, the first phase of our Cross-Blog Iraq Debate is over, and now it’s time to get busy with the real fun!”

Listed below are the five questions developed here on TTLB to be answered by the anti-war crowd, as well as the five questions that Stand Down has put together for pro-war bloggers to address.

If you’d like to join the debate, it’s easy: just go ahead and answer the appropriate set of questions on your weblog, and then let either myself or Stand Down know with a TrackBack ping or comment. On February 17th, a roundup of responses will be posted here and at Stand Down.