Let The Misinformation Begin

This is comforting.

Feds pull suspicious .gov site
By Declan McCullagh

“WASHINGTON–In a move that raises questions about the security of governmental domains, the Bush administration has pulled the plug on a .gov Web site pending an investigation into the authenticity of the organization that controlled it.”

Powerful New U.S. Intelligence Service (AONN DSI)

I happened to notice your AONN post when researching programs related to highly secret government intelligence operations/ programs and trained government assassins. I did some digging, made some phone calls, conducted some research and discovered some very fascinating facts. AONN under a secret Department of Defense/ Pentagon charter in connection with the Central Intelligence Agency Law Enforcement Group (yes, believe it or not, the CIA has a law enforcement arm/ aspect/ network (even though it is not part of the CIA charter, per se).

cache of AONN.gov