Generic Eric

I used to greatly dislike having a very generic name. The age of ‘googling’ has changed my mind. In commonality there is privacy. Google me. I dare ya. 😉

A Nation of Voyeurs
How the Internet search engine Google is changing what we can find out about one another – and raising questions about whether we should
By Neil Swidey

“Michael is a clean-cut 34-year-old working in a professional job at a Boston medical school. You’d never know he did time for burglary and is a former drug addict. Well, actually, you would if you Googled him. Go to the home page and type in Michael’s name (for obvious reasons, we are not including his last name here). That simple step produces more than 100 links to documents written by and about Michael. The search, Google proudly notes, takes just a 10th of a second. “