Fair Use

Sharing Digital Content Is Your Right, Intel Says
Consumers should be able to share their music and movies between their different digital devices, Barrett says.
By James Niccolai

“LAS VEGAS — Consumers have a right to share music, videos, and other digital content that they have purchased between their computing devices, and a commercial model needs to be developed that allows them to do so, Intel Chief Executive Officer Craig Barrett said at the Consumer Electronics Show Thursday.”

A Truce Over Copy Controls?
Music, tech industries agree to fight piracy and legislation, but support technical restrictions.
By Malaika Costello-Dougherty

“WASHINGTON — The technology and recording industries, which have so often disagreed, now concur on a message: We’re working together to keep the government off our backs in regard to digital copyright issues.”

Copy Controls Agreement Irks Users
Consumer advocates say the so-called “landmark” agreement between the technology and recording industries doesn’t amount to much.
By Grant Gross

“The Recording Industry Association of America and two major IT trade groups have agreed on the direction public policy for copyright projection should take, but representatives of a couple of consumer groups say the agreement may still hurt Internet users.”

Bill Would Allow Copying of Music, Movies
Digital Media Consumer Rights Acts would permit consumers to break the copy controls on CDs and DVDs to make personal copies.
By Grant Gross

“If ‘DVD Jon’ Lech Johansen, creator of the DeCSS DVD descrambling program, had been tried in a U.S. court instead of in Norway, he might have been found in violation of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act. But a bill reintroduced in the U.S. Congress would allow consumers to defeat anticopying measures on digital content in some cases.”

Hitting P2P Users Where It Hurts
By James Maguire


quot;Most of Marc Morganstern’s top clients won’t publicly acknowledge hiring his company.”

“And, for his part, Morganstern can’t reveal the names of clients he describes as the leading music, film and game-development companies. As part of their contract with Overpeer, of which Morganstern is CEO, all parties sign a confidentiality agreement. “

Robbie Williams Says Music Piracy Is ‘Great’
By Yinka Adegoke

“CANNES, France (Variety) – British pop star Robbie Williams shocked attendees Sunday at music industry confab Midem by declaring piracy a good idea. “

Music Official: Online Piracy Costs Jobs
By Bernhard Warner

“CANNES, France (Reuters) – In its harshest indictment yet of Internet piracy, a top official of the music industry said Sunday Europe’s 600,000 music professionals risk losing their jobs unless the industry fights back.”

RIAA wins battle to ID Kazaa user
By Declan McCullagh

“A federal judge on Tuesday ordered Verizon Communications to disclose the identity of an alleged peer-to-peer pirate in a legal decision that could make it easier for the music industry to crack down on file swapping.”

Music Exec: ISPs Must Pay Up for Music-Swapping
By Bernhard Warner

“CANNES, France (Reuters) – A top music executive said on Saturday that telecommunications companies and Internet service providers (ISPs) will be asked to pay up for giving their customers access to free song-swapping sites. “