Don't Spy On Me

Feds Deny Plan to Monitor Internet
Cybersecurity program, still in draft form, may call for greater surveillance online.
By Scarlet Pruitt

“A representative for the U.S. Department of Homeland Security has denied a report that the U.S. government plans to release a proposal requiring ISPs to help build a centralized system designed to monitor Internet use.”

Yes, You Are Being Watched
At home and in the office–and everywhere in between–you could be under legal digital surveillance.
By Stephen Lawson

“If you’re feeling fenced in some day, you may decide to take a trip to your favorite gambling mecca, where anything goes.”

“Before you leave, you may want to tell your friends, and while you’re at it, let them know what you’ve been doing lately. Depending on where you are, and whether what you do sounds suspicious, the government may read that e-mail. “

Data-Mining of Citizens Stalled
Senate asks balance in Total Information Awareness program that cross-references personal data.
By Kyle Stock

“WASHINGTON–The government’s capacity to mine public and private databases for information on citizens has hit the brakes, by vote of the U.S. Senate.”

Critics Say Security Laws Sacrifice Civil Liberties
Homeland Security Act’s guidelines are too loose on the disclosure of online communications, some experts say.
By Paul Roberts

“Civil Libertarians are in a dither again, this time over new disclosure provisions for Internet service providers that are contained within the recently signed Homeland Security Act.”

Would Orwell Feel at Home?
ACLU report claims post-9/11 surveillance technology is alarmingly eroding privacy.
By Scarlet Pruitt

“The Orwellian vision of a ‘surveillance society,’ where the government peeks over everyone’s shoulder and chances to hide are scant, is coming dangerously close to reality, according to a report released by the American Civil Liberties Union this week.”

Senate Blocks Funding for Pentagon Database
By Susan Cornwell

“WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Saying they feared government snooping against ordinary Americans, U.S. senators voted on Thursday to block funding for a Pentagon (news – web sites) computer project that would scour databases for terrorist threats.”